40 Web & Apps Developer Tools Icon Set

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Introducing the 40 Web & Apps Developer Tools Icon Set, a collection of essential design assets perfect for web and app developers. This versatile icon set includes various commonly-used file formats such as AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software.

Designed to be easily editable and customizable, these icons are compatible with popular vector-based software including Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, and Inkscape. Whether you’re a professional designer or a beginner, you can effortlessly change the color and line width, adapt them to your unique style, or incorporate them into your existing projects.

Not only can you modify these icons in advanced design tools, but they are also easily customizable in user-friendly applications like Canva, Vista Create, and many other apps that support SVG files. With the flexibility to scale, edit, and personalize these icons, you have complete creative control to create stunning visuals for your web and app projects.

Key Features:

  • Includes file formats AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS
  • Compatible with Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and other vector-based software
  • Customizable colors and line widths
  • Scalable in Canva, Vista Create, and apps supporting SVG files
  • Perfect for web and app development projects

Whether you’re working on a website redesign, creating a new mobile app interface, or building a web-based software prototype, this 40 Web & Apps Developer Tools Icon Set offers a comprehensive range of editable icons to enhance your design projects. From designing intuitive navigation menus to illustrating code and programming concepts, these icons provide endless possibilities to bring your ideas to life.

This design asset caters to a wide range of target markets including web and app developers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, software engineers, digital agencies, and freelancers who require a versatile set of icons specifically curated for developer tools. With its extensive range of file formats and compatibility with multiple software, this design asset empowers professionals from various backgrounds to streamline their design workflows and elevate their visual creations.