Git Aset License Terms

1. For each Asset you’ve downloaded, we provide a license which applies for the Asset personal or commercial use that can be used in work projects or End Products that you make.

2. Commercial means any use that involves the exchange of money. For example, when you open graphic design services, brochure design services, logos, posters, etc., there are purchasing and selling activities between two or more parties. Therefore, it can be categorized as a commercial activity.

3. End Products are finished products from designs you have made for sale, such as: packaging, invitations, t-shirts, business cards, mugs, and others.

4. You can use the Assets to build Final Products for both yourself and clients, provided that the Assets are not the main selling point in the Final Products you’ve created and printed. Assets must be combined with the designs you’ve built to create a new design.

5. If you use the Assets to create a Final Product for a client, you can transfer or sub-license the Final Product file to the client in the form of a softcopy file (e.g.: .ai/.cdr/.pdf). Specifically for Font Assets, you must expand/convert to curve any text to make it a vector shape.

6. You can use Assets to create designs from your work, for example, from freelancer sites such as: Fiverr, Sribu, and others, as well as from design contest hosting sites such as: 99designs, and others.

7. You can use Assets to create designs for your business and clients’ social media accounts. For example, such as creating a feed design from a template you download from Git Aset, or creating a feed design from several Asset combinations that you’ve downloaded, then combined with your own design.

8. You are not allowed to use the Assets to create designs that contain elements of SARA, pornography, discrimination, or to offend and demean other parties. Besides, not allowed to create a false identity of someone or another party.

9. You cannot claim any Trademark or Service Mark, as well as Copyrights on Ends Product created with Assets from Git Aset.

10. User access can be terminated at any time for violating the Terms & Conditions and the applicable License, and for no attempt to correct the violation. If this happens, the User is prohibited from using any form of Assets from Git Aset, without exception.

11. These terms and conditions are subject to update from time to time.