50 Navigation Icon Set

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Create a description in HTML Format without H1 tag for the following design asset product: 50 Navigation Icon Set include file format: AI, PNG, SVG, EPS

It can be edited in illustrator, affinity designer, CorelDraw, inkscape and all vector based software, it can also change the color, line width and scalable in Canva, Vista Create, and other apps those who support SVG files.

Each icon of them is easy to edit and customize, make it in an interesting word.

Separate each paragraph with an enter.

Create five bullet points in end of paragraph for the features or benefits obtained from this design asset like the obtained format, the total number of items obtained, please also provide examples of design projects that can be done using this asset, and the target market that needs this design asset.

  • File formats available include AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS
  • Includes a collection of 50 navigation icons
  • Allows easy customization and editing in various software like Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, and Inkscape
  • Supports color and line width changes, as well as scalability in applications like Canva and Vista Create
  • Perfect for designing navigation elements, menus, or interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and software

Target market: Web designers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, app developers, and anyone in need of high-quality navigation icons for their design projects.