25 Virus Transmission Icon Set

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25 Virus Transmission Icon Set

The 25 Virus Transmission Icon Set is a comprehensive collection of icons designed specifically to represent various aspects of virus transmission. The set includes icons in multiple file formats like AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS, making it compatible with a wide range of design software.

With the ability to be edited in popular software like Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, and Inkscape, these icons offer great flexibility. They can easily be customized to fit your unique requirements, allowing you to change the color, line width, and overall scalability to match your design aesthetic.

Additionally, the set is compatible with various applications such as Canva, Vista Create, and others that support SVG files. This ensures seamless integration into your design projects, enabling you to leverage the icons’ versatility across different platforms.

Each icon is designed with ease of use and customization in mind. Whether you want to modify the shape, color, or size, these icons are easy to edit, providing you with complete control over their appearance.

Key Features:

  • Multiple file formats including AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS
  • Editable in popular vector-based software
  • Customizable color, line width, and scalability
  • Compatible with various design apps supporting SVG files
  • Ease of editing and customization for each icon


  • Access to diverse file formats for different design software
  • A collection of 25 icons dedicated to virus transmission
  • Flexibility in editing and customization to suit specific design requirements
  • Enhanced compatibility with popular design apps and platforms
  • Effortless modification of each icon for personalized creations

Example Design Projects:

  • COVID-19 awareness campaigns and infographics
  • Health-related websites or mobile applications
  • Educational materials on infectious diseases
  • Medical and scientific research publications
  • Healthcare facility signage and wayfinding systems

Target Market:

The 25 Virus Transmission Icon Set caters to a wide range of professionals and industries. It is ideal for graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, and marketers involved in creating visual content. Additionally, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies can benefit from these icons for their related projects and initiatives.