21 Sparkling Star

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29 MB
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21 Sparkling Star is a versatile and vibrant design asset that adds a touch of magic to any creative project. With the inclusion of AI, PNG, and SVG file formats, it provides flexibility and compatibility for a wide range of design software including Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Affinity Designer, and Inkscape.

Loaded with possibilities, the sparkling star asset can be easily edited, customized, and enhanced using your preferred vector-based software. Its scalability allows seamless integration into projects created with Canva, Vista Create, and other applications that support SVG files.

The benefits of this design asset are as follows:

  • Diverse Format: The package includes AI, PNG, and SVG formats, catering to various software requirements.
  • Wide Range: With 21 sparkling stars, this asset assortment offers an abundant selection to choose from.
  • Endless Creativity: Its customizable nature allows for limitless design possibilities, making it suitable for various projects.
  • Examples of Design Projects: Logo creation, website embellishment, greeting card designs, social media graphics, and decorative illustrations are just a few design projects that can be beautifully enhanced using this asset.
  • Suitable Users: Graphic designers, artists, web developers, marketing professionals, and enthusiasts seeking enchanting visual elements will find immense value in utilizing this design asset.